Who we are and what we do

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A lady of many talents, Amy-Lea heads our little design hub, with extensive experience in graphic design, illustration, interiors and creative concept development. Amy-Lea  will meet with you to chat about your ideas and come back to you with a brief that will knock your socks off!

Creative Director and Boss Lady


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It's not often you find someone who is creative but also loves spreadsheets... Katie is our organiser lady. She keeps everyone on track and manages the day-to-day happenings within the hub. Katie is also a designer, and very experienced photographer who has been harassing people with her camera for over 15 years. She's nice though, you'll see. 

Keeps Things Organised and Takes Photos


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Our little pocket rocket graphic designer. Bronte takes care of the majority of our design work and has a flare for trendy and current styles. We love her because she knows what the cool kids are up to these days and makes sure we are keeping up with the times.

Designer and Creator of Pretty Things


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Our mate Jesse. He's a tall bloke with legs for days, epic musician and loves a chat. He is the go to man for our socials... FB, Insta, and all those things. We love to collaborate with local, like minded creatives.. follow us, like us, share our stuff.. we love making new friends!

The Socials